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Parking, Public Transportation


Parking is free on Trinité sur Mer public parking lots, except during the summer season when specific regulations apply from 1 July through 31 August as follows :

  • Paid Parking Zone (daily, Sundays and holidays inclusive, from 9h00 to 12h30 and from 14h30 to 19h00) : part of the parking spaces on the Cours des Quais, from the Town Hall Square (place de la Mairie) up to and including the hill rising up the rue du Men Dû.
    Hourly rates (of which the first 12 minutes are free) are set at 1 Euro. Parking meters are installed on the parking lots situated at the Cours des quais and at the Town Hall Square.
    Maximum parking time is set at 2h30.
    The paid parking voucher must be posted on the dashboard. Prolonging the maximum parking time by means of a new voucher is forbidden.
  • Blue Zone Parking: Such parking is indicated by means of blue markings on the ground as well as vertical panels.  It is available on part of the Cours des quais and on the Terre plein des américains parking lot. Blue zone parking favors the turnover of parked vehicles.
    An hourly parking control disk (available at the Town Hall, the Tourist Office or the Press Shop) must be posted on the dashboard.

Another set of rules is applicable from 30 June through 30 September:

  • Short Stop Parking : spaces are available for no more than 10-minute parking are located at :-the first central parking area across from the Chemist’s, -at the Town Hall Square, -at the rue des Frères Kermorvant, -at the Salle Saint-Joseph parking lot, -on the rue du Voullien.
    Parking is forbidden during the summer season from n° 1 through n° 17 on the Cours des Quais.

Parking on the Fishermen’s Jetty (Môle des pêcheurs) and around the Fish Market (La criée) °:

These areas are reserved solely for professional use.

Handicapped Parking Slots (indicated as GIG – GIC):

These parking slots are reserved solely for use by handicapped persons who hold an official and currently valid GIC GIC blue card.  Persons using GIG -GIC slots in a paid parking area must post proof of payment, while those using such slots in a blue zone must post the hourly control disk.

Free Parking is available year-round as follows:

  • Place du Voulien (except Tuesdays and Fridays)
  • Pavois (RD186, towards AURAY) Le Grand
  • La Vigie (rue Mané Rohr, in the top part of the village)
  • Kervourden (rue du Men Dû, across the road leading to the beaches of Kervillen)
  • Le Poulbert (rue du Men Dû, towards Carnac)

Public Transportation

Since 2009, the Municipality, the Trinité Business Association and the five Trinité camping sites have coordinated their efforts to establish the TRINIBUS, a public transport system in order to facilitate the residents’ movements and to contain traffic.

The bus normally runs 6 days per week during the summer (July and August).  The circuit covers the town center and La Trinité’s beaches.

Use of the TRINIBUS is free of charge for all.